Best Tips to Follow to be a Better Airplane Passenger

Though vacations are exciting for people, traveling long distances to reach their vacation destination could be little stressful, and during the journey, it is natural for your patience to wear thin. To help the travel world, here are few rules you can follow while flying to become a happier and more respectful passenger. This golden rules can provide you with more positive travel experience.

Be prepared

Pre-planning can make your travel perfect, and it will help to de-stress your travels. This can even avoid a lot of disturbances while you travel. For example, if you are traveling with your kids, then think about their journey beforehand. Adjust their sleeping times in such a way that your kids will sleep on the flight. By doing this, things get easier for you and also for your fellow passengers. However, if it is not possible to adjust their nap times or else if your journey is too long, then it is best to carry with you snacks or some distractions that can make your children be occupied. If you think that your child would be bit cranky in the plane, then it is better to bag candies for your journey mates as by your offerings or by the nice gesture, they can be more forgiving about any episodes.

Always be kind

A survey conducted in 2016 stated that the biggest reason for travel annoyance could be the passengers who are rude to the flight crew and staff. And it is a fact that the flight crew and staff cannot tolerate a situation of being treated poorly. Keep in mind that they have a job to do and they are working there to ensure you are comfortable and safe, so treat them with respect. If you be kind, flight crew and staff will appreciate you and so will those around you.

Plan your luggage

Take proper luggage with you. Be aware of all rules and restrictions before you pack your luggage and follow it accordingly. It is better to carry just one or two personal bags with you in the flight. By this, you can ensure that you will not occupy more bin space in your flight. Try to occupy the only bins pace that is above your seat as taking your bag from a bin that is behind you may disturb people sitting behind you and also it can make your deplaning process more complicated


Communication in all aspect is the key to convey better most especially to customer service of every business just like AC Cleaning service. In travelling, communicating in a good way with your aisle-mate is the best thing you can do while flying. It is a minimum courtesy to offer both armrests for the passenger who sits in the middle seat. However, if they are not using it, then you can ask them and can utilize it. In the same way, if the middle seat between you and another passenger is not occupied, them immediately don’t claim it for your own. Ask passenger next to you that whether he/she is ok if you use the extra space. Communicate politely as it can reduce big debates. For example, if you are planning to recline, then convey it to the to the aisle-mate behind you when boarding.

Following these simple rules can make your journey hassle-free and happier one.