Tips to Follow if you are Flying for the First Time

Traveling in flight for the first time can be a great experience that you would never forget. However, most of the experiences you explore in an airport may sound little amazing. You might have read about many people first time flight experiences in online sites or newspaper and would have felt excited. However, if you are scared of flying or if had never flown, then the thought of flying for the first time might seems discouraging. But by following few steps, the experience of you from your home to airport checking and boarding and then to flight will be more comfortable and enjoyable than you might think.

Book your ticket in advance

If you are ready with your vacation ideas and if you plan to travel in flight to your vacation destination, then the first thing you need to do is to check out that whether seats are available in the flight to book. If there are any seat available on your required day and at your required budget than without late book your ticket. Most of the times you would be less likely to see seats available in flight for the day you are looking. Flight fares also increase as flight departure date arrives. So the best thing you need to do is to book your flight ticket as early as possible and at least one month before your vacation date. By this, you can have a better chance to get the seat and also can avail it at low cost. You can purchase your flight ticket either at travel agents nearby you or else you can book them online by yourself.

Be Prepared for flight

Make sure that you are carrying all the required documents such as ticket, VISA, and travel document with you before you start to the airport.As in airport, you need to undergo few checks before you enter the flight, it might take few minutes. So start to the airport at least three hours before your flight time to have enough time to undergo all the rules at the airport and to catch your flight without a miss. For domestic flights, being 1 hour before the flight timing will be prefect.


The first thing you need to do after you step into the airport terminal is to go for the check-in. However, keep in mind that, you can do your check-in only after your flight is open. So check out the monitors in the terminal to know about your flight check-in time. At check-in, you have to show them your flight ticket as well as your identity with travel document. At check-in itself, you have to hand over your luggage, and you will get your luggage receipt and boarding pass by check-in officer.


After completion of the check-in process, you have to go to the departure lounge, and here you will go through all the security checks. Here, you must even take off your jacket, laptop, phone outside for the inspection. If you successfully complete this inspection process, then the security officer will stamp in your boarding pass and will allow you to the flight. If you are traveling abroad, then you have to pass even immigration check by showing your documents that include passport, visa, and boarding pass.

Great you finished all the hectic things, and after all these, you can now get into flight and can take your seat.